• SME & Research

    Sparks for illuminating science and enlightening technology.

  • Transnational Collaboration

    Strengthening local innovation and education systems in less favoured regions, by creating a solid long-term and long-distance connection with analogous systems located in more developed regions.

  • Innovative Light Sources

    The most powerful tools for exploring the inner properties of matter.

CENILS is a network of 5 partners from Central European area with the objective to create a transnational network of universities, laboratories and Small and Medium Enterprises, which will promote an effective use and a rational development of Innovative Light Sources (ILS’s) in the Central Europe Programme Area. Considering the Programme Area, one can notice that not all the participating regions are presently able to take full advantage of the great potential offered by the development and use of ILS’s.

Reserved Area

Characterisation of small organic molecules (Porphyrins or Phtalocyanines) with applications in several fields: photovoltaics, photodynamic therapy…

Investigation of novel thin films for photovoltaics applications.

Temporal characterisation of HHG pulses. Demonstration of basic working principles of ILS.

In the following gallery some slides to summarise the CENILS project activity.

On December the 11th, the 2nd CENILS Workshop, "Where Innovation met Research" will be held in Prague.

The workshop will be divided in 3 sessions:

  • How to successfully apply for beamtime on large and small scale facilities;


The National Centre of Synchrotron Radiation, SOLARIS, and the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of Jagiellonian University in Krakow invite entrepreneurs, scientists and all interested people at the Open Days of the synchrotron and of the project...

Project's partnership involves one Multidisciplinary Research Center (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy), two universities (University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia and Jagiellonian University, Poland), a public foundation for the development of industry (IFKA, Hungary) and a private institute gathering experts in regional development, innovation and education (ERA, Czech Republic).

Elettra Sincrotrone

University of
Nova Gorica

in Krakov


Public Benefit
Non-Profit Ltd.

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